Archive: February 10, 2016

Credit Cards With An Annual Fee

Most credit card companies will offer a premium option for their credit card customers that will generally be a credit card that you will have the option of paying for. These credit cards will in most cases have a name such as a gold card or a platinum card and many customers will buy them simply for the prestige that they purport to offer. However, such cards will generally also offer genuine benefits to their customers such as reduced interest rates on your balance, a higher spending limit, better terms and conditions, attractive reward schemes and other benefits.

You may find that the benefits of these cards will justify paying a subscription fee for the card. While the subscription fee will be a fixed amount that you pay monthly or annually, you may decide that you will recover this and more with the better terms and benefits of the premium card. You will have to look at the advantages of the card carefully though before deciding to pay for it, as you will have to see that the incentives do in fact outweigh the subscription costs. However, given the very attractive rates that are available nowadays with credit cards, such as 0% offers and other reward schemes, premium card providers will be finding it more and more difficult to persuade customers that their gold and platinum cards are worth paying for.

There is another type of credit card that customers will find that they have to pay for. These are high risk credit cards or cards for customers that have poor credit ratings. When you have a poor credit rating, it gets harder to find a credit card that will approve you. In general the terms will become less attractive and you will have to pay higher interest rates on the amounts that you borrow. As your credit rating gets worse, the terms get worse and may find that they only way you can be approved for a credit card is if you pay a fee. This fee may be monthly or annually and will vary from company to company.

While you may decide that paying for a credit card is not worth the hassle, there is one benefit of doing so. If you show that you can handle debt responsibly and do not get into trouble with your card repayments, then you may be able to improve your credit rating by making all the repayments you owe on the card on time. The only thing you will have to watch out for is that you do not let the card get out of hand and simply add to your credit problems.